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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a few questions before joining? To find the answers... simply browse our FAQ!

1. How Often Is The Training Email Sent Out?

  • The emails are send out once or twice per week. We will not send email to you at any other times!

2. When Will I Receive The Training Email?

  • You will receive an email exactly every 7 days (one per week) starting from the day you join. Some weeks there are 2 email sent, the second email could me sent to you on any day of week.

3. Can I See A Sample A Training Email?

  • Yes! Click here to read a real sample of the training email we send.

4. Can I Remove Myself From Your Service?

  • You certainly can! Any time you want to be removed simply click on the 'remove link' found at the bottom of every training email we send out.
  • In addition to the 'remove link' that is at the bottom of every email that we send out you can also click here to remove yourself from the free training emails!

5. What Is Your "No Spam" (Emailing Sending) Policy?

  • MondayMorningMeeting.Com has a very strict "No Spam" policy! We do not send spam/unsolicited email and do not condone spam/unsolicited email.

6. What Is The Free Gift For Joining?

  • You will receive 10 Professional Portfolios valued at $100.

7. Will You Share My Email With Others Or Add Me To Any Other 'Email Lists'?

  • Absolutely not!!! We never give or sell your contact information with any third part or add you to any other 'email lists'.

8. Where Can I Find Out More About Your Company / Other Products?

  • is owned and operated by Randy Roussie, Achieve Ace Ltd.

9. Where Can I Signup / How Can I Signup?


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